foregrounded pink flower made up of smaller blossoms with leaves and chain-link fence in backgroundThank you for taking the time to visit my website. I am an artist, coach, and facilitator based in Oakland, California. My coaching and facilitation practice centers direct communication, emotional authenticity, and body-based mindfulness, and my creative work has recently been featured in the National Queer Arts Festival and the San Francisco Transgender Film Festival.

Over the last decade, I’ve studied several methods of coaching and have put their lessons into practice in my own life and coached a few clients where I could fit them in outside work hours. Now, I’m focusing my efforts on coaching, facilitation, and conflict mediation because I believe radical artists and activists deserve radical support as you take on the power and responsibility of making our world fairer and more beautiful.

If you have any questions about anything you see here, would like to hire me as a coach or facilitator, or are interested in commissioning film, music, or writing, please contact me here.

Delighted to be at your service,