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“Anand’s guidance and insights have been just what I needed to help me navigate my career transition. He’s a great listener, amazingly able to synthesize my meandering thoughts into a cogent plan. His questions, suggestions, and exercises clarify my thinking as well as keep me on track. Best of all, he always stays positive.” – J.Y., graphic designer, San Francisco

I offer personal and group coaching for activists and artists like you.

Whether your challenge is naming your passion and discovering its potential, translating that potential into concrete plans, bringing your plans to life, or stabilizing an existing plan you’re already trying out, my heart and mind can lend a hand.

In this time of uncertainty, we all have to work as hard as we can to keep as many of us as possible alive and thriving. That means getting ourselves together, picking targets for our efforts, connecting with people who can help, and planning and doing the work together. I’d like to help facilitate that process, so you can spend less time worrying and more time winning.

wood-slatted steps at goat rock state park beachOver the last decade, I’ve studied several methods of coaching and have put their lessons into practice in my own life and coached a few clients here and there. Now, I’m focusing my efforts on coaching, facilitation, and conflict mediation because I believe radical artists and activists deserve radical support as you take on the power and responsibility of making our world fairer and more beautiful.

I base my coaching approach on the work of Martha Beck (particularly her earlier work) and the Coaches Training Institute, and integrate mindfulness techniques based on the work of Jon Kabat Zinn and S.N. Goenka.

Could you use some support? Contact me now to schedule a complimentary 30-minute phone consultation.


“I came to Anand with very specific areas of my life that I wanted to improve, and he has helped me to identify the core beliefs, patterns of behavior, and distortions that are holding me back in these areas. He has a talent for getting directly to the root of the problem and helping me think through an issue effectively. When I get off the phone after a session with Anand, I always feel a lot clearer and more focused on what I can do to improve my life circumstances, whether it be at work or romantically or creatively.” – Kalil C., educator and filmmaker, Humboldt