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Video Production

I have never claimed to be anything other than a nerd (I started off as an engineer in college before ending up with a degree in Sociology and minor in Math), so I was thrilled, yet unsurprised, to discover 10 years ago that I love video production. Setting up shots, figuring out lighting, finding royalty-free music, getting down to brass tacks with editing, I love it all.

In my time working in the non-profit world, I’ve noticed two types of repeating scenarios when an organization commits to producing a video, or series of videos:

  • an organization contracts with a high-end professional communications firm, who produce high-cost, high production value videos that lack a feeling of authenticity; or
  • an organization hires a community artist who captures an authentic community resonance, but isn’t able to manage their time well (often entirely missing the organization’s hard deadline) or has overstated their abilities and simply cannot produce what they’ve promised.

Since the beginning of 2016 alone, I have created or helped create more than 50 videos for individuals and community groups through my role as an ad hoc facilitator for StoryCenter, contracted videographer for advocacy organizations, and through my own creative work. I’ve been delighted to use these opportunities to develop and refine my skills, and have been pleased to find that my experience and formal training in project management continue to serve me– and especially my clients– well. If your organization wants to produce a video that’s authentic, adroit, and affordable, let me know! I’d be delighted to talk with you about your needs and goals, answer any questions you have about the video production process, and put together a quote that is grounded in reality.

Here’s are a few examples of recent work:

PSA spot: National Center for Transgender Equality HHS Comments (3 of 3) from anand jay kalra on Vimeo.

Ribbon Consulting, Established 2012 from anand jay kalra on Vimeo.

PWN Cares: Undetectable = Untransmittable from anand jay kalra on Vimeo.