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[music] fresh roots (peppy 12-bar indolatin jazz in 7/8 time in F minor)

fleshed out the theme i was playing with the other day (previous post) – feels nice to have a complete song in the middle of a lot of other drafts!

fun 7/8 groove in F minor. orchestrated with rhodes organ, timbales, drumset, 2 trumpet parts, 2 trombone parts, and tenor sax. includes 12-bar rhodes solo followed by 12 bars for listener to practice improvisation. written with musescore 2; audio file is export from musescore with a little reverb added in audacity. play along! have fun. 🙂

12 bars intro
8 bars theme A
4 bar hook
4 bar hook repeat
8 bars theme B
4 bar hook
12 bars rhodes solo
12 bars YOU solo
8 bars theme B
4 bar hook
4 bar hook
4 bar hook

i, iv, i, v, iv, i the whole time
(Fm, Bbm, Fm, Cm, Bbm, Fm)


artist (music/poetry/film) with a day job (non-profit finance/operations) in the bay area.

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