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Hello Information-Oriented Universe!

I am currently a Master’s student in the School of Information at the University of Michigan. I’m specializing in Library & Information Services, and I’m particularly interested in community information/informatics, from a people-focused perspective. But before I got here, I did a bit of organizational consulting for a queer South Asian community/activist group in Southern California, and before that I worked at a children’s museum, and before that I worked with several national LGBT activist organizations as a summer fellow and intern. I do windows, too.

I’m also a trans man (FTM), a big ‘mo, a feminist, a vegetarian, a 2nd-generation American with expatriate tendencies back towards the subcontinent, an activist, a writer, and a musician (among other things).

So, this blog will talk about things related to, spawned from, categorizable in, and sometimes completely unrelated to the things in the first paragraph, and will be inflected by the things in the 2nd paragraph. It will be intellectually focused, and not always academic.

Welcome! I look forward to a long and prosperous adventure.


artist (music/poetry/film) with a day job (non-profit finance/operations) in the bay area.

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